How did it all begin…

Summer 2002. I walk among Chotomów meadows. I look at the sky and think what could I do to show computer games as something more deep than just an entertainment. I conceive of game detective, think up his profession, find his name, create surname. At that time I am fascinated with Archimedean Dynasty computer game. Especially with the voice of the main character, Emerald “Dead Eye” Flynt. I have his narration on a cassette and listen to it when I drive my car. Instead of music. I especially like the nostalgic atmosphere of the intro (and outro, but that’s a different story). Dead Eye fails and wonders why, what did he do wrong. I decide that the first gamedec story must be about the failure. Defeat is romantic and profound. Success causes shallow joy and doesn’t teach much. I walk around the house for the first couple of days, constructing the plot, then I sit and write “Monkey trap” during one day (asking my wife Ann not to disturb me). I rewrite it several times, and write “Vicious circle” in the same rhythm. I send both texts to “Nowa Fantastyka” and “Science Fiction” magazines. After three days Maciek Parowski calls me. I hear his fast speech for the first time:  “We will print it, it’s interesting, it will have to wait a little, but not too long, we will print it”. Couple of days later I meet him near the old Nowa Fantastyka abode. “When were you born?” he asks. “68”, I answer. „Oh, good, good, the after 70 folks are mere children”, he sais and laughs. I like him at the first sight. He walks with me into the editorial staff rooms. They are big, hence located in a huge flat of an old Warsaw mansion. I can see a lot of papers, old desks, smiling people. Maciek introduces me to everyone treating me with great reverence. “It’s an author” he sais pointing at me. We approach Marek Oramus. „This is Marcin Przybyłek, computer games expert”, sais Maciek. Marek smiles: „Ah, we sure could use such an expert”.

I remember that visit till today for obvious reasons. I was received with honors, though I wasn’t even a debutant. In November 2002 New Fantastyka published my “Monkey trap”. Science Fiction did not answer…

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