The first tome

After the first story, Nowa Fantastyka published next ones: „The Professional”, „Adelheim Syndrome”, „Hunt”… Five together. I broke a record. One could even hear rumors, that I am “Parowski’s pet”. Soon I had ten texts, and it became obvious it is a book material. Maciek was certain of that too, and decided to publish it, together with Nowa Fantastyka of course. Alas, at that time (maybe now as well)  the magazine did not publish books, but it could cooperate with some publishing house. Anyway, the talks started and Maciek asked me to wait. His negotiations with potential business partners were long and tedious. After six months I asked:  “Maciek, may I?”, and he answered resigned: “Yes, you may”. He looked as if he let a treasure go. I did not know then why, but I soon found out.

I didn’t have any doubts about where to go. I wanted SuperNOWA to publish my first book. I liked them for thoroughness, texts selection, white covers, for everything. I made an appointment, and prepared some autopromotional speech:  “It’s a cyberpunk”, “Warsaw in the future”, “S-f and philosophy, but not too hard”, etc. I walked through the door, and was met by nice people. Danuta Górska (editor), Mirek Kowalski (main editor), and Marzena Kłos (publishing house locomotive). They asked me to sit, offered tea, cookies, and said they would publish the omnibus. I didn’t even speak! “How can you decide that knowing just five my stories?”, I asked. “We will read the rest, and call you in three days. Do not contact any competitive publishers, because it is not a good custom in this milieu”. After the visit I called Maciek:  “Is it true that I shouldn’t contact their competition?”,“Yes. You don’t bid on two horses.”. Okay, if he sais so, it is so. In three days I received a phone call, as they promised. Till the end of the process I wrote two more stories, and “Gamedec. Borders of Reality” was published in may, 2004.

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