Salesmanship or Death. Anti-guidebook

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"Salesmanship or Death. Anti-guidebook" by Marcin Przybyłek is a mocking book, one of a kind. The author has a great courage (with a capital C) to underline the absurdity of a great amount of terms and "beliefs" professed by a lot of managers and businessmen. As he is writing, 'he is pricking a swollen balloon of clichés' which grew on above professions. However, it's not only an exposing book. The author is sharing his knowledge of surprisingly a lot of different areas and gives answers to many difficult questions. "Anti-guidebook..." is a witty, shrill book, sometimes balancing on the verge of good taste but not overstepping it. In brief: a book for those who think and, paraphrasing the author, also for those unthinking, maybe they will learn something.

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Grafika: Marcin Przybyłek, Marcin Jakubowski, Marek Okoń, Robert Letkiewicz.
Wykorzystano grafiki Tomasza Piorunowskiego, Marcina Trojanowskiego i Tomasza Marońskiego.
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