Archiwum z Czerwiec 2010

The second tome

piątek, 4 Czerwiec 2010

Not many people know that the second Tome of gamedec saga was written before „Limits of Realiy” were published. Of course it was not ready, but the first draft existed indeed. It all became with a story “Pandora” (a common thing, I hear), but soon I realized it had a novel potential. It had to be something about taking down the curtains of probability to gain the truth eventually. Frankly saying that metaphor became the main thought of GamedecVerse (let’s hope it would not be as the Celts saw it: when one removes the last curtain he sees an old shed where an ugly old woman sits and plays chess. That person is the goddess ruling the world, and the playing pieces are us…)

Back to the topic, the novel existed. When I was writing it, I was struggling with the unknown. It wasn’t that I did not write novels before, but the difference was that they were not published. There was something wrong with them, the publishing houses did not want them (“Copulopolis”, “A few words”, Eleven Chapters and an Epilogue” were their titles). Although I was entering a dark wood, I wanted to impress the reader, I wanted to stun him with the amount of ideas, multilevelness of intrigue. I created the metaphor of “ironclad fist”. That were and are for me “Salesman of Locomotives”. The book appeared in bookstores two years after the first part (in may 2006). The delay was good, because I took advantage of the time given, and improved as much as I could.

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